cosmetic/make-up brush,Kumano-brush:CHIKUHODO

FOseries4-brush set

FO series 4-brush set

S-FO-4 : FO SERIES 4-brush set

Price: JPY 38,170.00

Code Name Hair
Shape Total
FO-1 Powder Blue Squirrel/
Silver fox
Flat-round 155 45
FO-4 Cheek/Highlight Blue Squirrel/
Silver fox
Diagonal 145 35/20
FO-5 Eye shadow Blue Squirrel/
Silver fox
Flat-round 130 20
FO-6 Eye shadow Blue Squirrel/
Silver fox
Flat-round 121 11
C-25 Case Nylon Size when stored

(Premium) Silver fox, an industry first material offered by Chikuhodo.

*(Premium) Silver fox hair is an original material from Chikuhodo that reuses fox hair collected in excess by processing it using our original methods to create makeup brushes.

At present we sell our production to USA,CANADA,EUstates,Hong Kong,Taiwan,Singapore,Thailand,Switzerland.
We Hope for your kind understanding.

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  • FO-1:Powder brush


  • FO-2:Foundation brush


  • FO-3:Cheek brush


  • FO-4:Cheek/Highlight brush


  • FO-5:Eye shadow brush

    Eye shadow

  • FO-6:Eye shadow brush

    Eye shadow

  • FO-7:Eye shadow brush

    Eye shadow

  • FO-8:Shadow liner brush


  • FO-9:Powder brush


  • FO-10:Eye shadow brush

    Eye shadow

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