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Concerning our use of personal information

We recognize the importance of personal information, use it appropriately and deem its protection a social responsibility.
As such, we guarantee the safeguard of the personal information entrusted to us.

(Definition of personal information)

"Personal information" stands for information which allows for the identification of a particular individual, such as name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, profession, place of employment etcetera.

(Collection/Use of personal information)

We collect/employ personal information solely for and strictly within the scope of the below objectives.

(Providing personal information to 3rd parties)

We will never provide the personal information to third parties without the prior consent from the individual providing the personal information, unless required under the applicable laws.

(Supervision of contractors)

We may provide partial personal information to external contractors, in order to provide our products or services to our customers.
In such cases, we will duly manage for the contractor to handle personal information appropriately.

(Management of personal information)

In order to prevent leak, loss or damage to personal information, we will place a supervisor in charge of personal information and manage the personal information entrusted to us appropriately, striving to keep it safely guarded and aslways updated.

(Access, correction or deletion of information)

In the case of the customer requesting to access, correct or delete the personal information provided to our company, after confirming the customer's identity as the provider of the personal information we shall swiftly comply within a reasonable scope.

(Concerning security)

Our store's shopping cart has been proven by the VeriSign digital ID. The data input and sent in the shopping cart, all transmissions between the customer's web browser and the server are encoded via SSL encryption; all input data is thus transmitted safely.