cosmetic/make-up brush,Kumano-brush:CHIKUHODO


Eye shadow
New release

“Finger brush”

The finger-shaped tip of this brush recreates the familiar sensation of putting on makeup by finger application.

As the finger-shaped tip of the brush covers a wide surface area, eye shadow can be applied smoothly in one stroke. The diagonally angled tip of this firm brush allows for nuanced eye makeup application, just as if one was using their own fingertip.
The sublime feel of silver fox hair combines with firmness to create an eyeshadow finger brush which produces superior coloring.

FO-10:Eye shadow brush
Hair material
Silver Fox
Total length
Hair length
JPY 3,520.00

※These are incredibly thin and delicate raw hairs. On rare occasion they may break, so please use this product gently.

FO-10:Eye shadow brush

● Hair length

FO-10:Eye shadow brush

● Feeling

Hair softness
Hair firmness
Color application
  • Loose powder
  • Presto powder

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