cosmetic/make-up brush,Kumano-brush:CHIKUHODO

RENseriesbrush set

REN series brush set

S-REN : REN SERIES brush set

Price: JPY 113,850.00

Code Name Hair
Shape Total
REN-1 Powder Red Fox/
Blue Squirrel
Flat-round 167 52
REN-2 Cheek Red Fox/
Blue Squirrel
Flat-round 162 47
REN-3 Highlight Red Fox/
Blue Squirrel
Flat-round 150 35
REN-4 Eye shadow Red Fox/
Blue Squirrel
Flat-round 136 21
REN-5 Eye shadow Red Fox/
Blue Squirrel
Round 131 16
C-9 Brush Case Genuine leather Size when spread :
Size when stored :

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  • REN-1:Powder brush


  • REN-2:Cheek brush


  • REN-3:Highlight brush


  • REN-4:Eye shadow brush

    Eye shadow

  • REN-5:Eye shadow brush

    Eye shadow

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