cosmetic/make-up brush,Kumano-brush:CHIKUHODO


Z- series

Z series is the pinnacle of Chikuhodo brush collections.

Our master brushmaker Tesshu himself has been involved in every aspect of,the creation of this series,from the selection of the materials to the finishing touches.
This series uses carefully selected high-quality hair. Only the softest and most delicate Blue Squirrel hair is chosen for this collection.

鉄舟自らが、素材選びから仕上げまで全てに関わり創りあげた竹宝堂ブラシコレクションの最高峰シリーズ Z-11:Blending brush Z-10:Eye shadow brush Z-9:Powder brush Z-8:Cheek brush Z-7:Lip brush Z-6:Eyebrow brush Z-5:Eye shadow brush Z-4:Cheek/Hightlight brush Z-3:Contour brush Z-2:Hightlight brush Z-1:Powder brush