cosmetic/make-up brush,Kumano-brush:CHIKUHODO


GSN- series

An outstanding brush collection of undoubted quality

A collection of superb products which that have evolved with changes in cosmetics.
The materials in the collection were carefully selected to precisely fit the purpose of each brush. The brushes in this collection were created by artisans that were hand selected by our brush-making veterans. They contain high quality blue squirrel and mountain goat "Sokouhou" hair, widely known for its excellent firmness and smoothness.

メイクアップアーティスト、化粧品メーカーの高級化粧筆を手掛けるときのベースとなるプロユースコレクションです。<br>厳選された最高の素材を使い、熟練の筆氏の手による逸品です。 GSN-16:Lip brush GSN-15:Screw brush GSN-14:Screw brush GSN-13:Eyebrow brush GSN-12:Eyebrow brush GSN-17:Shadow-liner brush GSN-11:Shadow-liner brush GSN-9:Eye shadow brush GSN-8:Eye shadow brush GSN-7:Eye shadow brush GSN-10:Eye shadow brush GSN-6:Liquid brush GSN-5:Liquid brush GSN-4:Highlight brush GSN-3:Cheek brush GSN-2:Foundation brush GSN-1:Powder brush